Credentials are reusable objects that facilitate scan target login.

Administrators can add credentials available to all organizations. Organizational users can add credentials available to other users in the same organization. For information about user access in Tenable Security Center, see User Access.

Users can share credentials with other users, allowing them to scan remote hosts without knowing the credentials of the host. For information about Tenable Security Center credential data encryption, see Encryption Strength.

Tenable Security Center supports the following credential types:

If a scan contains multiple instances of one type of credential, Tenable Security Center tries the credentials on each scan target in the order you added the credentials to Tenable Security Center.

Note: Tenable Security Center uses the first credential that allows successful login to perform credentialed checks on the target. After a credential allows a successful login, Tenable Security Center does not try any of the other credentials in the list, even if a different credential has greater privileges.

To add credentials, see Add Credentials.