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Welcome to Tenable Core for Web Application Scanning

Last updated: March 12, 2019

Tenable Core is Tenable's newest platform for Tenable products. Tenable Core combines the application-hosting functionality provided through Tenable Appliance and adds a base operating system, which streamlines and simplifies deployment by creating an individual build for each Tenable on-premises application. Tenable Core is a deployment architecture that uses a secure, stable platform to shorten the time to first scan.

To quickly get started with Tenable Core + Web Application Scanner, click Get Started.


  • Built upon CentOS 7 and hardened by targeting the CIS standards for RedHat 7 with SELinux Enabled.
  • Provides automatic install and updates via Tenable Public Repositories.
  • Consists of Tenable Core and a Tenable Application. These are independent of one other.
  • Root access is now enabled to Tenable Core builds.

See the following list for additional information about CIS standards adopted:

  • SELinux: SELinux is enabled by default on this image
  • CIS Benchmarks: Tenable has implemented the following parts of the CIS Level 1 Benchmark on the Tenable Core:

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