Tenable-Provided Dashboards

On the Dashboards page, Tenable Vulnerability Management shows dashboards in the following order:

  1. Tenable-provided dashboards. For a complete index of Tenable-provided dashboard templates, see Tenable Vulnerability Management Dashboards.
  2. Dashboards you create and dashboards that have been shared with you.

Note: You can change the order in which dashboards appear by using the drop-down in the upper-right corner of the Dashboards page.

The Tenable-provided dashboards you see depend on the licenses you have, but can include the following:

Dashboard License
Vulnerability Management Overview Tenable Vulnerability Management
Lumin Tenable Lumin
Container Security Tenable Container Security
Web Application Scanning Tenable Web App Scanning

Note: You can export the Vulnerability Management Overview and Asset View dashboard landing pages, or export individual widgets on those dashboards. For more information, see Export a Full Dashboard and Export an Individual Dashboard Widget.

Note: If your dashboard fails to show data, you may be filtering the dashboard by a target group with too many targets. Tenable recommends limiting the number of targets in any individual target group.