Components, Actions, and Workflow

Central to the function of the Tenable for Jira Cloud integration are the components created during the initial stages of service, the specific actions the integration performs, and the workflow process in use. You may find it useful to familiarize yourself with these elements for an efficient setup.

Created Components

Tenable for Jira Cloud creates many components during the initial setup. The following table outlines many of the actions performed by the integration.

Component Name Description

Creates a Project with Business (Jira Work Management) as the Project Template and Project Type as Company-Managed.


Creates a workflow with the name Tenable Vulnerability Workflow. This workflow uses OPEN (To-do), RESOLVED (Done), and REOPENED (To-do) statuses with transitions Created → Resolved ←→ Reopen.

Workflow Scheme Creates a workflow with the name Tenable Vulnerability Workflow Scheme.
Issue Types Creates Issue Types with the names Tenable Vulnerability Host and Tenable Vulnerability.
Issue Types Schemes Creates Issue Type Scheme with the name Tenable Issue Type Scheme.
Custom Fields

Creates custom fields listed here.

Actions Performed

Tenable for Jira Cloud performs the following list of actions:

  • Search Project Details

  • Search User Details

  • Create Project

  • Check Project Permissions

  • Search Tenable Workflow

  • Search Tenable Workflow Scheme

  • Search Workflow Status

  • Get Workflow Status

  • Create Tenable Workflow

  • Create Tenable Workflow Scheme

  • Assign Workflow Scheme to Project

  • Search Tenable Issue Types

  • Create Tenable Issue Types

  • Create Tenable Issue Types Schemes

  • Assign Issue Type Scheme to Project

  • Search Custom Fields

  • Create Custom Fields

  • Attach Custom Fields to screens, tabs

  • Search/Create/Edit/Link Issues

  • Assign User to the Issue

  • Transition Issues

  • Change Assignee of the Issue

  • Change Reporter of the Issue


The Tenable for Jira Cloud workflow uses OPEN, RESOLVED, and REOPENED statuses: