Installation Workflow

Use the following workflow to complete the installation and configuration of the Tenable applications for Splunk.

Note: The Tenable Splunk integration app versions 6.0.3 and later do not support web application findings, host audits, or cloud findings. Refer to one of Tenable's other integration applications with Splunk (e.g., Tenable Web App Scanning Add-on for Splunk). For a list of available Splunk applications, see Splunk's Discover Apps page.

Before you begin:

  • Complete the Upgrade from Splunk V1 to Splunk V2.

To install and configure Tenable applications for Splunk:

  1. Install the Tenable application.
  2. Configure the required Tenable application for Splunk: Tenable Vulnerability Management, Tenable Security Center Credentials, Tenable Security Center Certificates, Tenable Nessus Network Monitor, Tenable Identity Exposure, or OT Security.

    Note: You need unique credentials for each Splunk environment.

  3. Create an input for the configured Tenable application for Splunk.
  4. Configure your Tenable App for Splunk dashboard.
  5. Configure adaptive response actions.