Tenable.io Platform 2023 Release Notes

These release notes are listed in reverse chronological order. To jump to a place in the release notes, use the following list:

January 25, 2023

Share Report Templates

You can now share report templates with other users within your organization. The shared report templates can be accessed from the Shared Report Templates tab. For more information, see the Share Report Templates in the Tenable.io User Guide.

January 18, 2023

Differential Plugin Updates for Linked Nessus Scanners

Reduced the size of the daily plugin updates that linked Nessus scanners receive from Tenable.io. This size reduction minimizes the bandwidth required for updates.

For more information, see Differential Plugin Updates in the Tenable.io User Guide.

January 16, 2023

Email Export Result

You can now configure Tenable.io to send email notifications on completion of an export. The recipients receive an email and from the link in the email, the recipients can download the export results file by providing the correct password.

For more information, see the Export topics in the Tenable.io User Guide.

January 5, 2023

Scan Progress Bar Improvements

For vulnerability management scans, you can now hover over the scan status to view more status information in a pop-up window, such as the number of targets scanned and the elapsed or final scan time.

The scan status bar has also been updated with a new status: Publishing Results. This status shows while Tenable.io processes and stores the scan results.

For more information, see Scan Status in the Tenable.io User Guide.


For more information about recent changes to the API, see the Changelog on the Tenable Developer Portal.