Edit Inventory Details

Required User Role: Business Admin

In the administrator interface, you can modify the default asset limit of an inventory.

To modify inventory details:

  1. In the upper right corner, click the icon.

    By default, the Users page with the Find User section and the table listing all users appears.

  2. Click Inventories.

    The Inventories page appears.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • (Optional) Search for a specific inventory :

      1. Provide the following details in the Find inventory section:

        Parameters Description
        Name The inventory name.
        Notes Add any notes for the inventory.

        Indicates whether the inventory is Active or Deleted.

      2. Click Search.

        The inventories table displays the list of inventories that matches the filters.

        Note: If you want to reset the search details, click Reset.

    • Create a new inventory.
      1. Click Create a new inventory.

        The Create a new inventory window appears.

      2. Provide the inventory details in the relevant boxes.

        Note: The default asset limit is 1000.
      3. Click the Source Suggestions toggle to enable suggestions for the inventories that you want to add.

      4. In the Template Inventory drop-down box, you can select an inventory to use as a template for the new inventory.

      5. Click Create.

  4. Tenable Attack Surface Management displays the list of inventories in a table format.

  5. In the row of the inventory you want to edit, click Edit.

    The Edit inventory window appears.

  6. Edit the inventory details. Modify the asset limit as needed.

    Note: If you click Access Now, Tenable Attack Surface Management adds you to the inventory and redirects you to that inventory page.
  7. (Optional) Click Add all users in the Business to add all users in the inventory's business organization to the inventory.

  8. Click Update.

    Tenable Attack Surface Management updates the inventory table and displays the latest changes with the following inventory details in a table format:

    Column Description
    ID The inventory ID.
    Name The name of the inventory.
    Notes The notes about the inventory, if any.
    Asset count The number of assets in the inventory.
    Asset limit The asset limit of the inventory.
    Users The number of user accounts assigned the inventory.
    Pending Invites The number of invites awaiting for the inventory.
    Status The status of the inventory, whether active or disabled.
    Created Indicates the time of the inventory creation.